DraftCraft has Studios across India where we work extensively with industry experts, state players, professionals and students.

DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio is located in SoBo in Colaba and is host to a wide range of events and activities round the year for all, in particular Media Professionals, BMM / Communication Students and Journalists / Film-makers. This page will give you updated list of ongoing and upcoming events hosted in the last annual quarter at Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad and Daman.

All events are Open to Public but prior registration is mandatory. 

To Register: Call us or WhatsApp on 8080441593 or email at

Venue: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio, Sukh Niwas 7/A, Ground Floor, Third Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005

Presently, DraftCraft is organising the following events:

Open to Students (Law, Journalism, Mass Media, Tourism) and Public 

Paid Expert Lectures will be conducted from 11 am - 2 pm (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

PAID: The Shantaram Trail…A Peep Into The Contrasts of Colaba (Lecture and Screening)
PAID: Tracing Terror…The 26/11 Attacks (Lecture and Screening)
PAID: Coverage of Rape and Gender Generalisation
PAID: Public Space - Is It Really Your Space?
PAID: Filmy Colaba…The Glitz of SoBo on Celluloid! (Lecture and Screening)
PAID: Go Gateway…From British Era to Present Day (Lecture and Screening)
PAID Legal Risks and Liabilities of Social Media
PAID: Tourism Marketing - Identifying What Sells and NOW!
PAID: Aadhaar - Is Your Privacy At Risk?

Free Expert Lectures will be conducted from 11 am - 2 pm (From Monday to Thursday)

FREE: Denotified Tribe Issues - In Focus: Banjaras and Pardhis
FREE: Laws on Obscenity, Censorship and Freedom
FREE: Films and Reality
FREE: Women Laws - Perception vs Reality
FREE: Gateway of India - Barricaded!
FREE: Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Bias in Contemporary Media
FREE: My Masaan Moment - A DraftCraft Initiative
FREE: Changing Travel Trends - In Focus: Terror Tourism
FREE: Elephanta - An Island Marooned
FREE: Border Crimes - Immigrant Hate vs Freedom, In Focus: USA
FREE: Arambol - A Bohemian Abode!

Contact for more details

STOPWATCH (Film Screenings and Discussion)
Open to Public

Weekdays: 9 pm onwards (Free - Only Screening)
Weekends: 5 pm onwards (Paid - Screening and Discussion/Appreciation/Lecture)

So all you film-buffs, make your digital mark and get set to go. You just can't miss grabbing a peep into some of the best, most memorable and heart-rending films of all times. Come, satiate your celluloid appetite and savour award-winning films across categories -  Romance, Suspense, Adventure, Classics, Foreign Films, Festival Entries, Controversial films, Documentaries and more with the StopWatch Film Screenings! DraftCraft aims to screen some of the best films, documentaries and shorts of all times from around the world and engage participants in discussions on screenplays, cinematography, directorial techniques, interpretation, trivia, unknown facts and critical appreciation.

Open to Public | Paid

At DraftCraft we organise PhotoWalks at venues that are rich in heritage; are in the news; have social relevance or are, simply speaking, historic in value. So, it could be a PhotoWalk at Mumbai's primed 'The Gateway of India' zone wherein we take a niche group of at least two persons to a maximum of ten persons for a walk along the zone, an informed talk of the 'spots' of tourist interest like Charles Sobhraj's regular adda, the terror titbits, Gateway's place in India's freedom struggle, its role in Bollywood (eg: Amitabh Bachchan's very famous 'e hai bambai nagariya' number) with a screening, an opportunity to take photo-ops of the famous landmarks (eg: holding the 'choti' (tip) of Taj) and a memento to boot.

PhotoWalk at The Gateway of India (With Breakfast)
Every Sunday, 7 am - 10 am

PhotoWalk at Colaba Causeway (With Lunch)
Every Saturday, 12 pm - 3 pm