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DraftCraft Media Network is a platform for media students, experts and professionals to quash populist trends and help create 'unbiased and independent' news.

The media plays a very important role in generating news that is unbiased and based on facts: A role it finds difficult to fulfill in the face of commercial conflicts plaguing the industry. Often what we see or read in the news is modelled on hearsay or rumour. DraftCraft Media Network ensures a modest, truthful attempt to generate unbiased reportage of an issue.

In keeping with the ever-increasing need for applicable education and practical aspects of the field, Independent Editor Gajanan Khergamker has initiated the DraftCraft Media Network to provide a platform to Media students and practitioners across the world to come together, draw from mutual experiences and provide invaluable inputs by way of sharing content and opinions on the field.

Plans On The Anvil...

So, the forum will have a FacultySpeak, wherein, a Media faculty member will be called in to write or speak in an interview conducted by another on an issue of expertise or need. There'll be a StudentWatch section wherein students could pool in their resources and contribute to their ilk by way of articles, reports, photographs or videos and share their work.

An Events section will feature events taking place in colleges and educational institutions; Festival features and reports too will feature here. A section on Courses and Workshops will showcase the myriad courses available in Mass Media and Communication Schools and Colleges while an IndustryWatch section will have key persons from the Media industry being featured or interviewed or their works showcased.

To further DraftCraft's Core Concern to build upon professional expertise and distribute it evenly, there will be a focus on Volunteering wherein Media students and professionals could volunteer to pool in their time or resources.

Students can contact us on to inquire about volunteering programmes available with DraftCraft and across our platforms. Also, you could avail a DraftCraft EduCourse or Workshop to boost your skills, develop a distinct edge over your contemporaries and an advantage in the fastest growing field.

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