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Campus Ambassadors

DraftCraft Media Network is a portal for the students, by the students. The networks relies heavily on its ambassadors in campuses in mass media and communication colleges in India and abroad. DraftCraft Media Network is a global community of media students and professionals. The forum provides the perfect opportunity to network with media professionals and students from around the world and strengthen career prospects.

The Campus Ambassador Programme offered by DraftCraft Media Network is a unique blend of knowledge and extra-curricular activities that enables students to have an edge and set themselves apart. The network selects a student as Campus Ambassador based on his/her academic performance, extra-curriculars participation and aptitude.

DraftCraft Media Network's Campus Ambassador Programme is open to both Indian and foreign students of journalism colleges and institutes around the world. 

What does a Campus Ambassador do?
- Distribute and disseminate among students the material provided by DraftCraft Media Network
- Put up posters of events of DraftCraft Media Network on college notice boards
- Promote and publicise DraftCraft Media Network events through social media platforms
- Encourage students to participate in DraftCraft Media Network events
- Publicise certificate courses and workshops conducted by DraftCraft Media Network

What does a Campus Ambassador get?
- A certificate of international repute by DraftCraft Media Network
- Forum to learn and improve public-speaking, leadership and management skills
- Free invitation to all DraftCraft Media Network events and conferences
- Opportunity to network with counterpart and professionals from around the world
- Opportunity to travel with the team to organise events and conferences
- Opportunity to attend any certificate course or workshop organised by DraftCraft Media Network at discounted price and/or free
- Opportunity to intern with DraftCraft's media projects globally
- An all expenses paid vacation to Goa with DraftCraft Media Network team for the annual members meet

How to apply for DraftCraft Media Network's Campus Ambassador Programme?
Prospective Campus Ambassadors must be social, active in extra-curricular activities on campus and on social media platforms and have strong inter-personal and leadership skills. Relevant experience of organising or conducting events would be an advantage.

Interested students must send in their resume to along with their reason to become a DraftCraft Media Network Campus Ambassador.